Do you have the time to think ?

As this is the first post in the series of posts to come, I will give a brief introduction to the content that I want to deliver here.

In this blog I am going to write some topics which I had myself given a thought to. But here I will chose to may or may not write anything about my views on the topic. I don't want the reader to be biased about it. But yes I would love to read some comments or blogs related to these thoughts. So feel free to leave comments and back links.

I am also choosing not to write because many a times I think about something... reach some conclusions or sometimes dead ends or inconclusive stages, and then I don't find the time to pen(type) it down. And as thoughts and the introspection retrospection and things like that are mainly mood dependent, by the time I sit down to write about a topic I don't feel the topic to be appealing. But yes at some stage I thought it was appealing. At times you might find some posts incomplete. The same logic applies there also.

So the conclusion I derive and suggest you is that, some topics may not be liked by you at this time, but some other fine day it will initiate a chain reaction of intense and deep thoughts. And believe me that feels good. So keep coming and keep choosing a topic of your liking at the moment and reflect on it. Choose some topic and then start thinking about it... There is no time limit... Think till you like.

As this blog is mainly going to consist of topics to ponder upon. I will first like you to think upon the question above. i.e.,

Do you have the time to think?

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